Schoeni Art Gallery 20th Anniversary


These vignettes, showcasing established and emerging artists from the Mainland and Hong Kong,
were produced in celebration of Schoeni Art Gallery's 20th Anniversary (2012).

Yue Minjun

In this interview Yue Minjun speaks about the role played by the gallery and collectors for the development of the artists’ career and of the art scene.

Chen Yu

Chen Yu speaks about his inspiration from other artists such as Qi Baishi, not in termsa of aesthetics but for the mood that an artwork creates.

Wang Guofeng

Wang Guofeng speaks about his experience on his project in North Korea, Pyongyang in particular. The artist took pictures with a high resolution camera, so high that it picks up on extreme details, uncovering the country’s population, the outdated tools and run-down buildings.

Zhang Xiaogang

Zhang Xiaogang speaks about the necessity of financial support as an artist and recollects his memories of meeting Schoeni Art Gallery founder Manfred Schoeni.

Chen Fei

In an interview between Chen Fei and DSL collection founder, Sylvain Levy, the artists speak about the role of pop culture for his generation, as well as about artists born in the 1980’s and their attitude in the context of the contemporary Chinese art scene.

Xia Xiaowan

The translucent presentation of Xia Xiaowan’s work conveys the depth and solidity of his subject whilst his impeccably intricate drawing skills bring his artwork into life, as though floating and captured in a glass confinement.

Zhou Jinhua

Zhou Jinhua is an emerging artist who paints from an aerial point of view, often portraying characters in minute scale caught in odd surroundings as the scene vacillates between reality and illusion.

Hung Keung

Hung Keung’s focuses on his artistic language as well as his experience in creating his own interactive software. he speaks about his identity as an artist, a Hong Kong artist and as an academic. He also provides an insight in the inspiration, rationale and progression of his award-winning work, Dao Gives Birth to One.

South Ho

South Ho’s s is part 9 of the series, and focuses on his creative process and inspirations behind his artworks.

Cui Xiuwen

Cui Xiuwen’s is part 10 of the series, and focuses on her personal artistic expression and views on the Chinese contemporary art scene.

Li Hongbo

As part of the 20th Anniversary programs, Schoeni Art Gallery created this artist workshop video to give an insight into the making of Li Hongbo’s paper based artworks.

RTHK, The Works

Featuring Director Nicole Schoeni, curator to the exhibition Huang Du, and artists Li Guijun and Chen Yu, this is part 1 of a holistic overview of LATITUDE/ ATTITUDE: Schoeni Art Gallery 20th Anniversary Exhibition by RTHK (18 December 2012)

Schoeni Art Gallery 20th Anniversary Exhibition: LATITUDE/ATTITUDE

Schoeni Art Gallery 20th Anniversary Highlights: Relive the exciting moments of our 20th anniversary celebration with us! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who were present to share this memorable occasion with us. A significant group of Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong exhibiting artists were also among us that night, namely Chen Fei, Chen Li, Chen Yongliang, Chen Yu, Fung Lik Yan Kevin, Ho Siu Nam South, Hung Keung, Kum Chi Keung, Li Guijun, Ling Jian, Maleonn, Shen Hua, Mok Wai Hong, Wang Guofeng, Xia Xiaowan, Yang Yongliang, Yu Chen and Zhao Fang. It was a truly special moment for many collectors, art professionals and art-lovers to meet the creators behind these remarkable works.

Schoeni Art Gallery 20th Anniversary

Podcast Videos

In celebration of Schoeni Art Gallery's 20th Anniversary (2012),
the gallery also released a series of interviews in the form of podcasts (see further below).
These are video versions of some podcasts with English subtitles.

Curator Huang Du

Huang Du tells us why from a curatorial point of view, we must not view art narrowly in today’s world, and we can’t take the nationalistic or globalised viewpoint only. He also gives an insight into the curation behind Schoeni Art Gallery’s 20th Anniversary exhibition.

Liu Ye

In this exclusive interview with Schoeni Art Gallery Director, Nicole Schoeni, Liu Ye expresses his love for Bach music and the ever-present dream, his observations on the evolving Hong Kong art scene, advices for emerging artists and how art, after all, is nothing but a delusional fraud.

Yang Shaobin

Yang Shaobin reminisces about the old days, reflected on the art scene in Beijng and Hong Kong today and talks about why he remains in Beijing.

Yang Yongliang

In this In Conversation series we have invited artist Yang Yongliang to talk to us about what influenced him to create works that combine traditional Chinese ink paintings with a modern interpretation of art using technology.

Mok Waihong

Hong Kong artist, Mok Wai Hong poses through his works thoughtful questions about the undergoing transitions and changes of the society in which he lives in.

Schoeni Art Gallery 20th Anniversary


In celebration of Schoeni Art Gallery's 20th Anniversary,
these podcasts showcase established and emerging artists from the Mainland and Hong Kong.

Schoeni Art Gallery

In Collaboration with Pori Art Museum

Schoeni Art Gallery was delighted to have collaborated with the Pori Art Museum, Finland for its three-year project (2013 — 2015). The aim was to introduce contemporary art phenomena and themes through video documentaries and video art works from Hong Kong (2013), Tokyo (2014) and Seoul (2015). Two video documentaries, that were produced by Schoeni Art Gallery, relating to Hong Kong went on display in the Museum.

Hong Kong Artists Part 1, Cheung Wai Man Eunice

This video is about Hong Kong artist Cheung Wai Man Eunice. She was born in Hong Kong in 1986. She graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with an MFA in 2011. She specialises in Chinese gongbi fine brush painting tradition. The focus of her artwork is of animals, and her research is about the changing relationships between human and animals throughout Chinese Art History.

Hong Kong Artists Part 2, Lam Lam Jaffa

Lam Lam Jaffa is a sculptor who specialises in large-scale site-specific mixed media installations, which are mainly made with recycled materials like crate wood, old furniture and recycled fabric. Her works often explores issues related to the local culture, history, society and current affairs.