Nov 18 - Nov 21 1994

Art Asia 1994

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Top Artist Wang Yidong and Liu Dahong to be featured by Schoeni Art Gallery in Art Asia 1994.

Art Asia '94, Asia's largest and prestigious international art fair, will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 17-21 November, 1994. Schoeni Art Gallery Ltd, one of Hong Kong 's most prominent art galleries, is proud to participate in Art Asia '94 and invites all art lovers and collectors to view the latest works by the artists exclusively represented by Schoeni Art Gallery.

Schoeni Art Gallery Ltd will present the latest works by Wang Yidong and Liu Dahong, as well as works by all our gallery artists including Russian artist Oleg Tselkov, Viatcheslav Kalinin, Alexei Sundukov and Alexander Zhacharov.

Wang Yidong is considered to be the most important contemporary realistic painter in China today. Last year, Wang Yidong exhibited two of his works -Yi River and Late Spring in Art Asia '93, causing quite a stir as art lovers and collectors were amazed by the artist's brilliant technique and creativity. This year, the organiser of Art Asia '94 invited Wang Yidong to be the featuring artist for the fair. On display are Wang's latest works, ‘Bride in Waiting’, ‘Playing in the Wind’, ‘Snow in Early Spring’ and lastly, a 2m x 2m master piece.

The works of Shanghainese artist Liu Dahong, have been highly praised by local and overseas collectors and art critics alike. During last year's Art Asia '93 one of his major works, a seven panels ‘Butterflies and Flowers’ which was shown in last year's fair, showing an optimistic view toward the hand-over of Hong Kong in 1997, attracted hundreds of viewers including the Hong Kong Governer Chris Patten. The seven panels work, which took the artist one year to complete, depicting Hong Kong as the bride, is engaging in a wedding ceremony (the handover). While the artist uses a lot of symbolism, icons and folkorism in ‘Butterflies and Flowers’, Liu simply wants to tell the audiences that he is a "witness" and an interpreter in such an extraordinary visionary adventure. In this year's Art Asia '94, Liu Dahong will be the featuring artist for the event. A 2.5 x 5m triptych entitled ‘Story of Central’, choosing the panoramic view of Hong Kong as the subject, the work includes politicians, businessmen, celebrities and elitists of the past and present, to present spectators the view of Hong Kong from a historical, economical, political and social perspective.

In addition, the gallery will also feature the long awaited ‘Forbidden City series’ by Jiang Guofang at Art Asia '94. On display will be Jiang's latest works ‘Wind of Autumn’, ‘Princess in Qian Qing Gong Palace’, the sixth and seventh panel of the ‘Forbidden City’ series. Also shown are the classically inspired paintings by the intellectual avant-garde artist Xia Xing, who uses contemporary post-modem culture as his subject and Hong Ling, a poetic painter who depicts landscape scenery with a touch of Chinese philosophy and aesthetic values.

Fujian artist Wong Danxian will be exhibiting his latest works of Hui dong women; and the avant-garde, emerging artist Yue Minjun, Yang Shaobin and Qi Zhilong will be showing their colourful images of political figures, "Beijing" youths, guerrilla fighters and fashion models. The works which will be on display primarily stresses their concerns for consumerism, revaluation of .old beliefs and accepted social rules as well as questioning of their current political systems. While a number of works by Zhang G!)ng will be on display at the fair, over twenty of his latest works are also showing in an exhibition entitled Ideals and Idols of Beijing -Works by Zhang Gong, at Schoeni Art Gallery. The exhibition will continue till 3 December, 1994.

As artist Wang Yidong and Liu Dahong will be present for this special event, interviews with the artist can be arranged. For more information, please contact Martha Liew.

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  • Nov 18 - Nov 21 1994

  • Schoeni Art Gallery Booth, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

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