May 25 - May 28 1995

Art Trends 1995

Press Release


Established and Emerging Artists to be featured by Schoeni Art Gallery in Art Trends '95 will debut at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 25 - 28 1995.

Schoeni Art Gallery Ltd, one of Hong Kong's most prominent art gallery, is proud to a participate in the fair and invites art lovers and collectors to share the unusual vision of the artists represented by our gallery.

Schoeni Art Gallery will feature a wide variety of works by established as well as emerging Contemporary artists in Art Trends' 95, bringing to a public a broad spectrum of styles and artistic vocabularies of innovative artists, which also provides an exciting environment for building up a collection at a competitive place.

On display are works by established Beijing artists Cao Li and Zhang Gong. Cao Li, an Associated Professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is one of the leading innovative and respected artists in the art circle in Beijing. His surrealistic works not only rich in visual representation, represents a symbolic poetic vision of man's life and his environment. On the other hand, a selected number of works by Zhang Gong featuring in Art Trends' 95, the question of "change" is the main subject in his work. As technology is growing at an astonishing pace into the twenty first century, Zhang's work questions the evolution of a changing world and man's relation to such changes in a limited space and time.

In presenting Art Trends' 95, Schoeni Art Gallery will be featuring a number of emerging Chinese artists this year. The well known image of young girls in swimsuits with Chairman Mao are the works by Qi Zhilong, a young artist from Hohhot (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) and a graduate from the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts. In his striking images, ‘Consumer Icons Series’, Qi had successfully reversed the process of American Pop Art which transforms popular , not ordinary objects into works of art. In contrast, Qi Zhilong transforms prestigious, sacred, exalted images into ordinary objects of art - something not allowed in China. The laughing figures by Yue Minjun, who uses the multi-mirror-images of Beijing youth as his subject, carries a strong political message on the canvas. Also at present are works by Yang Shaobin, Wang Huaxian, Zhao Ming and Zeng Fanzhi.

Finally, a number of acrylic and rice and paper works by 85 year old Jackson Yu, one of the Hong Kong's most respected artists who will also be showing at the fair.

For arrangement of interviews with the director of Schoeni Art Gallery, Mr Manfred Schoeni, please feel free to contact Martha Liew.

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  • May 25 - May 28 1995

  • Schoeni Art Gallery Booth, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

  • Alexei Sundukov

  • Jackson Yu

  • Mai Jinyao

  • Qi Zhilong

  • Wang Huaxiang

  • Wang Yidong

  • Weng Danxian

  • Yang Shaobin

  • Yue Minjun

  • Zhang Gong

  • Zhao Ming



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