Mar 8 - Mar 11 1994

New Trends – Art Hong Kong

Press Release

14 January 1994

Uprising Artists to-be featured by Schoeni Art Gallery in New Trends ­ Art Hong Kong '94.

New Trends - Art Hong Kong will debut at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from March 8-11, 1994. Schoeni Art Gallery Ltd, one of Hong Kong leading art galleries, is proud to participate in the fair and invites art lovers and collectors to share the unusual visions of the artists represented by the gallery.

Schoeni Art Gallery Ltd will feature a wide variety of works by emerging contemporary Russian and Chinese artists in this fair, bringing to the public a broad spectrum of styles and artistic vocabularies of innovative artists, which also provides an exciting environment for building collections at a competitive price.

On display are works by 83 year old Jackson Yu, one of Hong Kong's most respectable artist specialises in ink and oil, whose work reflects a combination of strong Chinese brush strokes and unique stylisation. Jackson Yu is currently having a one man show at Schoeni Art Gallery, which will continue until 12th March 1994.

In addition, we have chosen a combination of wonderful works by Associate Professor Cao Li of Central Academy of Fine Arts and the owner of Schoeni Art Gallery Manfred Schoeni. Cao Li, one of the leading innovative and respected artist, his surrealistic works represents a symbolic poetic vision of life. A selected group of colourful paintings by Manfred Schoeni will also be featured in the art fair. Manfred Schoeni, a well known entrepreneur and artist, whose one man show Metamorphosis in Colour in June last year was a great success. The works which will be exhibiting in the current fair are among Mr Schoeni's finest works produced over the last three years.

In presenting New Trends - Art Hong Kong, Schoeni Art Gallery will also feature young avant-garde artists from China this year. Qi Zhilong's "Mao" icons & fashion model, as we can see, is an attempt to commercialise "Mao" and to be consumed by the masses. The laughing creatures by Yue Minjun, who uses the multi-mirror-images of Beijing youth as his subject, carries a strong political message on the canvas. Also at present are works by Yang Shaobin, an uprising star of the Rogue Cynicism of Post 89's Chinese Art.

Finally, a number of selected paintings by Russian artist Alexander Zhacharov, whose first one man show in Hong Kong will be opening at Schoeni Art Gallery on Tuesday, 15th March 1994, is also included in New Trends - Arts Hong Kong. The exhibition of Alexander Zhacharov will continue till 31st March, 1994. Works also to be featured by Russian Artists in the art fair includes Alexander Gazhur and Alexander Brovin.

Selected Artworks

Additional Material

  • Mar 8 - Mar 11 1994

  • Schoeni Art Gallery Booth, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

  • Alexander Brovin

  • Cao Li

  • Chen Xi

  • Chen Yiming

  • Alexander Gazhur

  • Liang Weizhou

  • Liu Dahong

  • Qi Zhilong

  • Qin Dahu

  • Manfred Schoeni

  • Tang Xiaogu

  • Sergey Volkov

  • Wang Yidong

  • Yang Shaobin

  • Yang Canjun

  • Jackson Yu

  • Yue Minjun

  • Alexander Zhacharov

  • Zhai Xinjian

  • Zhu Wei



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