May 30 - Jun 12 2002

Radiant Sunshine – The Dramatic Works of Zhang Linhai

Press Release

2 April 2022

Schoeni Art Gallery introduces Hebei artist, Zhang Linhai, in the long-awaited exhibition, The Dramatic Works of Zhang Linhai. Over twenty-five impressive oil paintings by Zhang Linhai will be unveiled for the first time in Hong Kong in this exhibition.

Zhang Linhai's paintings are reminiscent of his childhood in the countryside of Hebei province in China, where he was raised by his adopted farmer parents. Though he has not had an easy past, having been crippled by a severe sickness at six years old, the artist maintains fond memories of his childhood and the village landscape.

Zhang Linhai's almost surrealist paintings capture the warm and peaceful, yet dramatic and mysterious, old Chinese village from his memory. He often depicts rolling hills of Chinese youth with shaved heads and adds striking elements such as a drifting feather or a lone cloud to create the most awe-inspiring effects. The feather and cloud could symbolize his nostalgia, but perhaps also a glimmer of hope for a brighter future.

Zhang Linhai is a participant at the upcoming museum exhibition this October in Duisburg, Germany. His work is part of the major collection at the Berlin China Club in Germany. Zhang Linhai will be present at the opening of his exhibition on the 30th May, 2002 at Schoeni Art Gallery on 21-31 Old Bailey Street, Central. Friends of the press are invited to interview the artist between 28 May - 1 June, 2002, and to collect a copy of the newly-printed exhibition catalogue.

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  • May 30 - Jun 12 2002

  • Schoeni Art Gallery, Old Bailey Street, Hong Kong

  • Zhang Linhai

  • Li Xianting



Radiant Sunshine – The Dramatic Works of Zhang Linhai



Radiant Sunshine – The Dramatic Works of Zhang Linhai 2