Sep 12 - Oct 30 2002

Schoeni Art Gallery 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Press Release

25 July 2002

We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year and putting together the works of 33 China's leading artists in this special exhibition.

Schoeni Art Gallery was founded in Hong Kong in 1992. A decade has passed, from doing pioneer work to growing into one of the leaders in contemporary Chinese art, Schoeni Art Gallery has successfully represented and supported various artists from the mainland China, whose works range from Neo-Realism to Post-Modernism. We have placed over 2,000 paintings into private collections worldwide and have prepared the grounds for many young artists to prosper internationally by being their springboard, including Liu Dahong, Yue Minjun, Yang Shaobin and Qi Zhilong. Schoeni Art Gallery has vigorously taken part in the Chinese art scene on a global scale in order to expand China's art audience; taking part in more than 100 exhibitions, including Art Miami, Art Chicago, Art Hong Kong, Art Singapore and Art Basel. Other exhibitions locations include Berlin, Basel, Brussels, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Yokohama. In 1995, having borrowed 25 works, Schoeni Art Gallery took part in the "China!" museum exhibition in Bonn, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna and Singapore. With over 30 publications and award ­winning books to date, Schoeni Art Gallery has also played an important role in introducing and documenting the works of Contemporary Chinese artists.

This upcoming star-studded exhibition is also an extension of our Inaugural Exhibition in our Beijing Gallery with a comprehensive exhibition catalogue sponsored by Cartier this March. Participating artists include our exclusive Neo-Realists, Li Guijun, Jiang Guofang, Wang Yidong, Zhang Li, Zhu Yiyong and our only female artist Shui Mei. Participants also include the ones who have been selected to take part in ChinArt museum exhibition this October in Duisburg, Germany; they are Cao Jingping, Chen Yu, Chen Wenbo, Zhang Linhai, Feng Zhengjie, Guo Jin, Liu Ye, Pan Dehai, Tang Zhigang, Yue Minjun, Yang Jinsong and Zeng Hao. Other artists include neo-realism master Ai Xuan, pop art artist Qi Zhilong, pioneer artist Liu Dahong, etc.

With over 50 exciting works on show, this exciting exhibition is dedicated to the art in China and the continual support of our audience and collectors.

Selected Artworks


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  • Sep 12 - Oct 30 2002

  • Schoeni Art Gallery, Old Bailey Street, Hong Kong

  • Ai Xuan

  • Cao Jingping

  • Chen Ke

  • Chen Li

  • Chen Yu

  • Feng Zhengjie

  • Guo Jin

  • Jiang Guofang

  • Li Guijin

  • Li Ji

  • Li Yousong

  • Liu Wei

  • Liu Ye

  • Mai Jinyao

  • Pan Dehai

  • Shuai Mei

  • Tang Zhigang

  • Wang Yidong

  • Wang Yiguang

  • Weng Danxian

  • Xia Xiaowan

  • Xia Xing

  • Yang Jinsong

  • Yang Shaobin

  • Yue Minjun

  • Zeng Fanzhi

  • Zhang Li

  • Zhang Linhai

  • Zhong Biao

  • Zhu Yiyong



Schoeni Art Gallery 10th Anniversary Exhibition



Schoeni Art Gallery 10th Anniversary Exhibition 2