Apr 24 1997 - Apr 24 1997

The Fable of Life, Oil Paintings by Zhong Biao

Press Release

24 January 1997

Schoeni Art Gallery will be presenting the works of Sichuan artist Zhong Biao in his first solo exhibition, in Hong Kong, in April 1997. The exhibition of twenty five oil paintings will open in April 24th and runs until 24th May.

Zhong Biao's modern art is the artists effort to "describe the clear and misty world". Different periods of history and contemporary life meet on his canvas. His characters fill the paintings in a filmic manner, they are monochromatic people against a colourful and every changing relief. He gives each character a "living background and misty meaning".

In his paintings you can find dark corners in which to hide, stories to unravel and a gentle awaking to the drama of the familiar and the strange. As a graduate from the Sichuan Academy of Arts, Zhong Biao's paintings reflect the rather detached style of the Sichuan artists. Unlike their Beijing contemporaries their work in the early 80's was a characteristic mixture of 'Individualism' and 'Surrealism'; destructing the reason for the creator's self existence, rather than 'visual' destruction.

Zhong Biao's work is strikingly intriguing and has an exciting "modern" feel to it, in a Post­-Modern world.

The book "Fable Of Life" will be released in conjunction with the exhibition and Zhong Biao will be in Hong Kong for the opening night. To arrange an interview, with the artist, please call Lucy England or Loretta Tsoi at the gallery.

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