Mar 16 - Apr 16 2002

Inaugural Exhibition in Beijing – 10th Anniversary Celebration

Press Release

28 February 2002

Schoeni Art Gallery announces the official grand opening of its third gallery in Beijing on 16th March 2002. For a decade, Schoeni's two galleries in Hong Kong have been the springboard for numerous Chinese artists, with many becoming today's most well-known and respected artists in the world. Schoeni's third gallery opening in Beijing coincides with the Hong Kong gallery's 10th anniversary and marks the success the gallery has been enjoying since its beginning.

With a comprehensive exhibition catalogue sponsored by Cartier, the Inaugural Exhibition will be a star-studded gathering of 33 leading Chinese artists. Presided by Dr. Walter Smerling of the Culture and Art Foundation of Bonn, Germany, and Mr. Laurent Nebot of Cartier Asia Pacific, over 33 important paintings will be unveiled following the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony. A Pre-Opening Private Cocktail Party, sponsored by Ashanti wines, kicks off before the official opening, with VIP guests including Chinese singer Ai Jin. It is a night of celebration of Chinese art and artists, as well as Schoeni' s contribution to promoting Chinese art in the last decade.

Friends of the press are cordially invited to the Pre-Opening Cocktail Party and the special Inaugural Exhibition on 16th March 2002 at Schoeni Art Gallery III, located in Beijing's bustling Chao Yang District in Soho New Town. The exhibition is open to the public after the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony.

Selected Artworks


Photo Album

Additional Material

  • Mar 16 - Apr 16 2002

  • Schoeni Art Gallery, Soho New Town, Beijing, China

  • Ai Xuan

  • Cao Jingping

  • Chen Ke

  • Chen Li

  • Chen Yu

  • Feng Zhengjie

  • Guo Jin

  • Jiang Guofang

  • Li Guijin

  • Li Ji

  • Li Yousong

  • Liu Wei

  • Liu Ye

  • Mai Jinyao

  • Pan Dehai

  • Shuai Mei

  • Tang Zhigang

  • Wang Yidong

  • Wang Yiguang

  • Weng Danxian

  • Xia Xiaowan

  • Xia Xing

  • Yang Jinsong

  • Yang Shaobin

  • Yue Minjun

  • Zeng Fanzhi

  • Zhang Li

  • Zhang Linhai

  • Zhong Biao

  • Zhu Yiyong



Schoeni Art Gallery III Inaugural Exhibition in Beijing – 10th Anniversary Celebration



Schoeni Art Gallery III Inaugural Exhibition in Beijing – 10th Anniversary Celebration 2